Oyster Cages

How It Works

The Oyster Company of Virginia "Oysters for Life" packages provide supporters with two dozen oysters shipped once a year for the next 10 Years or for the rest of your life... during the first year, shipping is FREE!

• Join us as an OCVA member - For the next 10 years at only $175. You'll receive 2 Dozen Chesapeake Bay Oysters once a year for the duration of your membership. Your membership package also allows you:
- Additional oysters can be purchased at the wholesale price (Up to 70% savings).
- Free shipping for the 1st year
- Invitations to Special Events to OCVA Eco-Island in Gloucester Co and our Conference Center in Topping, VA
- OCVA products and merchandise at wholesale
- By providing for a cage, you gain the pride in helping to save the Chesapeake Bay, its wildlife and eco-system, support for the Chesapeake Bay waterman, and saving the native "Virginia Oyster"
- By providing for a cage, we'll send you a beautiful "Oysters for Life" certificate with your name and unique cage number that can be framed! {Cage number attached to oyster cage!}
• If you purchase membership as a Gift for someone else, they will receive an "Oysters For Life" certificate with their name(s) and unique cage number. You fill in the information at checkout.

• If you wish to have your certificate and/or gift accessories ("Oysters for Life" Pilsner or shot glasses, OCVA cap …) sent somewhere other than the recipient address at checkout, just tell us in Special Instructions box, email or call us at (804) 405.8460. We are happy to accommodate your requests!

• You or your recipient will receive notification to choose your date and place of delivery for your Virginia oysters! You can change delivery instructions every year! You may also order more Virginia oysters. Our Virginia oysters are delivered throughout the continental USA. We have a variety of OCVA oyster locations with their distinct tastes that you can choose from or from your own cage area!

• Buy the initial "seed oyster" for grow out
• Provide a Co-op contract fee for the Oyster Company of Virginia Waterman to care for our native Virginia Oyster
• Pays for the OCVA oysters in our program to be insured through the USDA NAP program
• Helps provide for a sustainable transition from "hunter gatherer" to Aquaculture Farmer • A percentage of the profits from the sale of OCVA oysters will be reinvested to provide for future replacement cages in your name, forever. Currently, cages are lasting about 10 years.
• Provides jobs for operating, handling and shipping of OCVA oysters

• Each cage purchased holds approximately 2000 oysters filtering up to 100,000 gallons of water a day.
• Each cage is a mini-reef, protecting the oyster and provides for fish and reef habitat.
• A healthier, cleaner Chesapeake Bay supports the necessary habitat for wildlife, our eco-system and preserves this treasure for future generations.

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